The Epiphany of a Lifetime


I must say that I had the epiphany of a lifetime yesterday. I mean, this is the kind of enlightenment that makes you want to cry and rejoice all at once. Man I don’t even know which one to do first. All I can say is that God is truly incredible!

Let’s get into the meat of the matter. If you have been following my blog for quite a while, you will remember how I was bitching from last year into a few months ago about a guy who had done some serious damage to my self-esteem and emotional stability. I haven’t been complaining about him lately because, this butterfly had been learning to fly again and enjoying life afresh.

Yesterday I had an incredible conversation. I think this was the point where God knew I was ready to stop being stubborn and accept His revelation. In this conversation, someone who knew this young man personally, listed out all his faults and characteristics. As I listened, I found myself thinking how lucky I was not to have to deal with him personally any more! And check this out, all these characteristics and faults were the opposite of what I usually pray for in a husband! I was astounded when the revelation came to me. All this time I had spent bitching and moaning about getting my heart broken and being miserable and stubborn after being disobedient, yet God had still been guiding me!

When the epiphany hit me, I clearly heard God say to me “you see what I was keeping you from?” Can I tell you, this is the best “I told you so!”, I’ve ever gotten! In fact, in the mood I am, I owe this guy a HUGE THANK YOU! Can you imagine a ” Thank you for breaking my heart”? I owe God an even BIGGER APOLOGY!

I am amazed because even though this was a situation that God didn’t want for me, He turned it around for good for me. I emerged from this situation stronger and more grounded than when I went in. I am discovering the young lady I was always meant to be.

God truly has our best interests at heart even when we are being annoying disobedient bratty children. Lord I’m amazed that You love me.


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