Reasons I Have Rejected Guys

So I got rejected by a guy I really liked because by his logical standards, I am “too dramatic and emotional”. I can’t say I am very much put out by this because, frankly, you win some, you lose some. This got me thinking, though. I’ve rejected some guys for the strangest/silliest/most valid reasons. Here goes:

  1. He was my ex.
  2. He was my ex’s brother.
  3. He was my ex’s close friend.
  4. He was my lecturer.
  5. He was clingy and too emotional. I happen to love my space and my “me-time”.
  6. He showed no interest in learning who I was. He was just interested in the fact that I was pretty.
  7. He lacked vision and direction.
  8. He was a hottie who flirted with anything in a skirt with legs. I was not interested in discovering how jealous I could become.
  9. He had a beard and, until recently, I had no idea that a man with a beard/goatee could be so appealing.
  10. His head reminded me of a peanut.
  11. He smoked.
  12. He was a heavy drinker.
  13. He swore a lot.
  14. He believed he was a reincarnated slave.
  15. He hanged out with the wrong crowd.
  16. He was way too old for me. Dating a guy who could be my father held no appeal, no matter how much money he had.
  17. He was too young. It didn’t matter that it was only by 2 years, I felt like I was on the brink of robbing the cradle.
  18. He was a biker. I am scared of bikes and had no desire to constantly spend my time worrying about him being on one.
  19. He was too childish. While I like a guy with a good sense of humor, I believe that there is a time for everything.
  20. He did not challenge me mentally. I found him to be quite dull.
  21. He was a pushover. He always allowed my views and opinions to take precedence.
  22. He was a snob and I hated the way he treated people.
  23. He talked too much and only about himself.
  24. He had a voice which sounded like a child’s.
  25. He was too serious. While he was an oasis for my intellectual side, he was a desert for the teaser in me. He had no sense of humor or ability to dish out and receive teasing.

Okay guys, now it’s your turn. What are some of the reasons you have rejected a guy/girl? Drop a comment below. 😉