Male-Female Friendships


One of the theories that I’m positively tired of hearing is that females cannot have male friends without either party wanting to “do the tango” with the other. Well that’s a load of bull! I have two male friends who are my wingmen, my protectors, my trustees, my advisors, my psychologists, etc, etc all rolled in one…well two ;).

I trust these guys implicitly. They give superb advice. If I got in trouble, I could call one to come and bail me. If I needed a getaway car, I could call one of my guys and he would come if only to give me a lecture and then help. They have been there through most of my dating mishaps too. Whether to console me, threaten a beating to the unlucky guy, offer emotional support after a “I told you so”, help with homework or participate in my random debates, these guys have been my wingmen for years.

I love them dearly. If I decided to ditch the Vegas plan and plan out an actual wedding, when I find someone willing to put up with my brand of crazy, I would have best men because of these guys. Well, one could even walk me down the aisle now that I think about it.

The thing is, this friendship is a two-way street. I am their friend too. I am asked for my advice about a variety of things and they do trust my judgement. I’ve help these guys sort out girlfriend issues. I’ve encouraged them to take leaps towards better futures. They even enjoy picking my brain and teasing me and although they don’t get as mushy as my female friends, I know without a doubt that they love, value and respect me.

We were friends right from the beginning and whilst I’ve had many female friends who have come and gone, these guys have remained constants in my life. And nope, I don’t dream or think of going beyond the friendship line with them. It would almost be like dating my brother or dating your friend’s guy (for the one who I’m friends with his girlfriend). And that’s just icky.

Well anyways, male….well my male friends are the best. Muahh Will and Lav 🙂



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