Two Types of Men


I’ve heard people speak of waiting to find their Boaz. For those who don’t know what I am talking about… Boaz is the Prince Charming who basically took Ruth from the Bible out of poverty and before that, allowed her to collect the excess crop left behind in the field). It is almost like the first Cinderella story. Maybe that is what sparked the Brothers Grimm’s imagination.

Anyways that’s not what I am getting into. I find Joseph, the man whose lineage resulted in Jesus being born within the tribe of Judah, more interesting. For those who don’t know Joseph happens to be a descendant of Boaz. Now Joseph is a man who demonstrated steadfastness and dependability. He also exhibited his devotion to God by taking on what many in today’s society would have termed a “jacket” although he was not rich. Despite this, he carried out his purpose without murmuring and showed his dedication to his wife, Mary, and his child by uprooting his life in Nazareth and moving all the way to Egypt when the child’s life is threatened.

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