Who’s Your Daddy

Watching this video has reminded me how great God has been in my life. My earthly Daddy failed me many times before he passed but my heavenly Daddy…man, my heavenly Daddy has always had me in His arms and my best interests at heart.

He healed when I was sick. He provided when I had no money for college. He got me through college while working. He gave me a job that is teaching me a lot and helping me to define exactly what I want to do. He has been my joy, my peace, my grace, my comfort. He has always been a listening ear and constant presence. Even when I’ve have been a total brat, He still loves and cares for me. He my strong support. He is my strength. The summary? He is all that and a bag of chips. Much better than white bread and chocolate.

Who is my Daddy? My Heavenly Father, Jesus.