The Serpent (Devil) is Still Active

I just want to share with you something that the Lord revealed to me while I was praying last night. I was a bit astounded when He opened my eyes but first let me give you some background information.

Over the past few months I have had a couple of dreams/visions featuring snakes. In one dream, I woke from a Saturday afternoon nap and when I looked down on my bedside carpet, a nest of snakes just moved around on the carpet in a perfect circle in sync.

In a more recent one, I was in the parking lot of a supermarket where snakes bit me at three different intervals but each time I just shook them off and kept walking. After this dream, I didn’t know what to think. Many persons had different interpretations to give me. I just assumed that it meant enemies that I would overcome.

Last night as I knelt at my bedside praying at about after 12, I dozed off. It was then, I had a vision. I woke to the sound of something crawling. When I looked, a giant snake was on my carpet circling me as I held my posture in prayer. Fearfully, I questioned the Lord as to why the snake just kept circling instead of attacking. The Lord responded, “the predator searches for its prey’s Achilles’ heel before it attacks.” For those of you who don’t know what an Achilles’ heel is, it is your weakness. I woke then.

As I journeyed to work this morning, I found myself thinking about the revelation and how it applied to the snake analogy. I then recalled in the Jennifer Lopez’s movie, Anaconda, the snake would incapacitate its prey before he consumed it. This is what the devil and his minions do. They study you. They seek out your weaknesses and test you. If they believe they have found a weakness, they attempt to incapacitate you. If they are not successful, each time they go back to the drawing board before attempting again. They never give up once they have set their sights on you. Once they have found your true weakness, they will strike without hesitation. This strike can be subtle and just slowly incapacitate you in order for them to consume you (spread venom throughout your system slowly until you are dead) or it can be instant (suffocation and then consumption). Either way, the intent is to kill you.

The good news in all this was revealed in my second vision! Once you are walking with God, no devil or his minions can come against you and win. Why? Because God has your back. Keep walking the walk of faith.




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