What Do You Say About You?

On my first solo business trip, I had several experiences that made me realise something integral. I’ve always spoken about the fact that I am interested in doing all the good I can before I die. Why? I am deeply interested in shaping what I will be known for. In my first solo week-long trip, I realised that your actions can say a lot about you.
One of the things, I am very purposeful in doing is ensuring that I sincerely thank whoever serves me. This, sometimes, resulted in me internally cringing when I realise that throughout the course of a meal, I end up telling the waiter/waitress, thank you for:

  1. Pouring my water
  2. Taking my order
  3. Bringing my order (multiple times if the meal has multiple courses)
  4. Asking if I am ready for the bill
  5. Bringing the bill
  6. Processing my payment
  7. Removing my dishes

Worse, I just can’t seem to cut down on the thank yous. I stopped caring however, when I realised that my kindness and courtesy makes me memorable. I am remembered by the front desk staff. I am remembered by the waitresses. This is not because I have any long conversations or discussions with them, but simply because I am polite.
On my final day, I went down to the restaurant for breakfast. I had stayed at that hotel before and was used to the staff, however an unfamiliar waiter approached me to take my order. Without missing a beat, I requested my regular egg sandwich with coffee and fruit juice. As he walked off, he commented, “you are always smiling, it’s refreshing.” I was stunned! I’ve never noticed him before but he had noticed me. It hit me then, your actions do say a lot about you.

These little things are important to me and personally, I believe that failure to exhibit even the minimum level of courtesy says a lot about a person’s character.

Do you agree or disagree? What do you say about you? What will you be remembered for? Tell me in the comments below.



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