Zoomers Moments

A few nights ago, unable to sleep, I found my thoughts wandering. These wanderings took me down memory lane….

I was in my first year of high school when we were given a group assignment to present on various themes in the book, Silver Sword. As a natural leader who hates inactivity, I ended up planning a production. We were going to do a talk show with the book characters. After all the planning, I realised, much to my dismay, that I had planned out myself! I had totally forgotten to give myself a part!

Now note, if you did not present, you did not get a grade. I returned to the drawing board. We couldn’t change the production at that late stage but there must be some element that I had missed. During lunch (whilst eating one of my favorite cheesy snacks), an hour before the presentation, an idea took root. In the middle of the presentation, we had an intermission and I delivered one of the best impromptu Zoomers ads ever seen by man! 😂😂😂 (or so I like to believe…)

We got the highest grade for that assignment!

This memory reminded me of a couple lessons, I had learnt early in life.

  1. In moments of crisis or pressure, your levels of ingenuity will surprise you.
  2. In life there will always be Zoomers opportunities, you just have to be willing to open yourself to the possibilities.
  3. When faced with challenges, embrace your “I CAN” and “There must be a way.” attitude.
  4. Your belief in yourself and capabilities will take you a far way.
  5. Never plan out myself.
  6. Self-doubt gets you nowhere!

    What are your thoughts? Have you ever experienced a situation which required you think on your feet? How did it turn out? Let me know in the comments below.



    Male-Female Friendships


    One of the theories that I’m positively tired of hearing is that females cannot have male friends without either party wanting to “do the tango” with the other. Well that’s a load of bull! I have two male friends who are my wingmen, my protectors, my trustees, my advisors, my psychologists, etc, etc all rolled in one…well two ;).

    I trust these guys implicitly. They give superb advice. If I got in trouble, I could call one to come and bail me. If I needed a getaway car, I could call one of my guys and he would come if only to give me a lecture and then help. They have been there through most of my dating mishaps too. Whether to console me, threaten a beating to the unlucky guy, offer emotional support after a “I told you so”, help with homework or participate in my random debates, these guys have been my wingmen for years.

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    Lift them cheeks. Show some teeth

    Today I want to talk about one of my most favorite things to do in the whole world… If you said or thought  “SMILING” then you are most definitely correct! Whether a full or half smile, I just can’t seem to help myself! I just love to smile and you know what? This inability to stop this ability comes with the most amazing benefits.

    1. Smiling makes you more approachable People generally avoid strangers but if they need help, they are more likely to approach a person who looks nice and approachable. Studies have found that people are more willing to engage socially with others who are smiling. A smile is an inviting facial expression that tells people you are willing to talk and interact with them.
    1. Smiling improves your mood I’ve had cases where I started my day badly and even though I don’t feel like it, I put on a smile. You would be amazed at how many persons will respond to a smile and “good morning”. Within the 20 minutes it takes me to get to work, I begin to feel a lot better and my smile becomes totally genuine! This is because endorphins (endorphins are the same chemicals you get from working out or running, resulting in what is known as a runner’s high) released lift your mood.

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    Don’t Miss the Point!

    Friendships are special. I just want to highlight how amazing my friends are and the way they awesomely ensured I celebrated my 24th birthday. I am truly touched.

    1. Thank you to my sweetheart of a friend who, though he was only in Jamaica for 3 days, ensured I had an evening/date that I will never forget. He is truly a gentleman and started off the celebrations in style, a week before the day.
    2. Thank you to the friend who tried to take me to a play and dinner. It sucked that the play got cancelled but I had a truly delightful time picking your brain and making a total nuisance of myself.
    3. What is like sun, sand, water mixed with friends? Although I wailed about getting up early on a Saturday morning, my surprise birthday beach trip was fantastic! Sunburn and all. Thank you for carrying me kicking and screaming and throwing me into the middle of fun.
    4. Dinner at the Courtleigh was truly delightful. Good food, great company. Thank you to the friend who drove all the way from Montego Bay to celebrate with me the day before my big day.
    5. Truly memorable for me on the day were three great experiences. You had the friend who stayed awake, though tired, to be the first to wish me a happy birthday. When she almost didn’t make it, she got herself a sugar-rush! So I ended up with two voice notes! One, sounding pretty drowsy, the other, high energy. Next came the image below: 
    6. Finally, the friend who took me on a road trip. We did 7 parishes in 1 day! I will never forget struggling to maintain my composure while stuck in traffic in Ochi and wanting to pee or singing along with your R&B CD.
    7. Thank you to the friend and her boyfriend who walked all over to get me a gift. I know I am hard to shop for and you truly made me emotional by going the extra mile to get something that you know I will love.
    8. Yesterday, I got a simple message! Pretty up, pull out your little black dress, we are celebrating tomorrow night 7:30ish. Obediently, I did what was commanded and ended up with a night to be remembered! Because of today and tonight, I will always look back and remember Purple Rain fondly. Thank you ladies!

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    A Letter to My 10 Year Old Self


    Hi Chan, knowing you the way I do, you are no doubting trying to figure how it was possible for this letter to get to you. Stop focusing on that, focus on the words of wisdom I’m about to impart to you after 22 years on earth.

    At this point, I know you are still hurting over Daddy’s death but don’t worry, everything is going to be okay. One day you will wake up and be able to remember the good times you had with him without tearing up.

    Sweetheart, you won’t be good at everything it’s okay. Failing is not the end of the world. You are still a poor dancer (although you now have a lot more rhythm) and you still suck at music but be okay with it. Work on your strengths and ensure you are happy with whatever you choose to do.

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    Trees and I

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well here are 4. I do seem to have a thing for Jamaican beaches and trees. 🙂
    “Where there is a tree, there is a way – to climb.” – Chañel’s new motto lol.


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    The Wisdom in the Jamaican Proverbs

    Growing up, I always heard my grandmother or mother citing one proverb or another when faced with various situations. As a child they didn’t make much sense but now, as a young woman, I cannot say that when I look back at them or hear them.

    Here are my most favourite 10 Jamaican proverbs given in patois along with their English translation and meaning. Hope you find one you can agree with or us.

    1. Proverb: Evryday buckit a guh a well, one day, di battam mus drop out.
      Translation:  Everyday a bucket is put in a well to get water, overtime the bottom will give way.
      Explanation: Every day one keeps on doing wrong in secret, one day the truth will be revealed.
    1. Proverb: Evry hoe hav dem ‘tick a bush.Translation: Every hoe has its stick somewhere.
      Explanation: No matter how unattractive one might be, there is someone special out there for that person.

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