Death Could Not Hold Him Down

For the last few nights, I’ve had difficulty sleeping soundly. There has been a few things on my mind and I kept taking naps before my sleep patterns kept getting disturbed. This habit has made me restless, edgy and tired. I also recognized that if I kept it up, I would soon be unable to function efficiently.

To make matters worse, I was ridiculously ill yesterday. I spent the day in pain, popping pills, nauseous and dizzy to the point where I kept digging my nails in my palms to fight the waves. Only God knows how I managed to stay on my feet for practically the whole day as I worked non-stop. I was unable to keep anything down until dinner. When I finally went to bed, I found that once again I was unable to sleep properly.

This morning, rare for me, I got up before my first alarm, my thoughts centered on a project that I am currently at the tail end of. It has been a long couple of months and let’s just say that the last few days have not been easy as we draw closer to the end.

Early morning found me talking to God about the project and all the moving pieces that refused to settle as well as my health. For the first time in a while, I pulled up a Benita Washington medley to listen to as I completed my morning routine. I headed into the shower singing along to the worship medley. My shower time turned into a worship session. The thought that struck with me was:

No matter how dead your situation may seem, remember you serve a God who not even death could hold Him down. Our God is ALWAYS victorious.

God used this opportunity to remind me of the many dead situations that He had resurrected in my life. He reminded me of His story where not even death could hold Him down. He, Reigning King, had conquered death and the grave. He reminded me that He’s got me covered.

For the first time in a while, my soul felt still and comforted. I knew then that everything would be okay despite what seemed to be a storm.

Folks, God is simply better than slice bread. He always sends a word or shows up on time. Today worked out well and although there is still much to be done and there was a moment when things seemed really dark, He came through.

Then again, if He is a God who conquered death, why should I worry about seemingly threatening discombobulating situations. He has never lost a battle and is always victorious. Death couldn’t hold Him down!



Goodbyes (Part Two)

So Friday was my last day. I did not cry (I feel so proud of myself) but I was really touched by my send off. The words and the thoughts, man I don’t have the words. In this case showing is better than telling so here goes….


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Goodbyes (Part One)

Today was a very emotional day for me. Although it’s not my last day, my department decided to surprise me. They have been sneaking around for the last week and had to keep conspiring of ways to get me out of the department :). I suspected nothing! It was truly a surprise. Custom-made cards, gifts, paper confetti, speeches, quotes that touch me to the core and all.

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Bring it on


So considering how last week clearly kicked my butt and left me completely frazzled, I’m changing my technique with the intention of kicking it straight back to Africa. I will not become stressed. I will enjoy this last week!

This is also for anyone who had had a really stressful week last week. I can’t only consider myself after all :).

Soooooo, just tick off with me as we prepare to take this week by storm.
Coffee/tea in hand? CHECK!
Big girl panties/ big man briefs on? CHECK!
Sparkle in your eye? CHECK!
Smile on your face? CHECK!
Yep! I’d say we are ready ;). Move out gladiators! BRING IT ON!


You never realize how much work you have to do until you have little time…and a lot of problems


This week has been extremely crazy! I feel like one of those mad ants running around trying to get things done. So, for all those who have been following me, I ACCEPTED AN OFFER ON MONDAY! I now have two weeks (well one week now) to get my desk up-to-date while they try to find my replacement.

Doing all in two weeks that would normally take a month is driving me batty. I literally spend most of my time making lists, doing and ticking off items on my lists, fast forwarding certain projects and making more lists… To top it all off, my wisdom tooth decided to declare war. I’m teething (my friends’ and mom’s words) and this morning I woke with a sensitive swollen right cheek! My brain is working in overdrive! Plus everybody wants a piece of me. Did I mention I’m making a lot of lists? And my computer has decided to make a mockery of me… I’m more than ready to declare a Chañel lockdown…

Lord Jesus, HELP ME!!!! I’m stressed out…


It All Begins With A Dream

My friend and I were joking around and my comment “keep dreaming” was met by the retort “that’s where it all begins”. This in itself proved to be a powerful thought as Shane felt the need to point out *thanks Shane* :).

Dreaming is very important because it gives us something to work towards achieving. Growing up I’ve always heard of the all-American dream – the house with the white picket fence, the husband/wife, the dog and the 2.0 kids.

Many of us keep our eyes on that dream and work our asses off to accomplish it. While this might not be the combination for everyone, I find that we tend to have variations. For example, while my end goal professionally to become an exceptional UX Designer, my personal end goal is to own my own home and perhaps get married and have a child.

Now whilst dreaming, it is important to know that not at all times will things go according to plans.

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