It is time to leave your comfort zone


A year ago, I reached a place where I felt like I wasn’t growing. I felt like I wasn’t going anywhere. I felt stagnant. I had dreams and visions in mind but I saw no fit manner to achieve them. I was doing so much but I felt as though what I was reaching for was always just outside my reach and no matter how far I stretched, my aim always eluded me. I had grown stagnant in my professional, personal and spiritual life and this stagnancy sucked me in almost as though I was standing in quicksand.

It is strange but have you ever noticed that when you have worn out a plot of land, you have to leave it for another plot and give it time to recuperate? It is the same with life. Sometimes we have to leave our comfort zone, what is familiar to us, and move afar from the shore. I was just reading of how the disciples of Jesus left their comfort to pursue a ministry that was hard and it is for this that they are remembered, for this that they gained the greatest prize of all, salvation.

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The Fears of Yesterday

All of us, as human beings, have tasted the frightening effects of fear. The sad part is that some of us allow the fear to dominate us to the point where we don’t even try the things we have wanted the most and thus, it cripples and prevents us from being the best versions of ourselves. One quote that I’ve kept constantly in my heart is”

Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.

The first and only time I came across this quote was some years ago while watching the Hillary Duff movie “Cinderella Story”. I don’t even remember much of the plot of the movie but I have never forgotten the quote.

This week, I touched a milestone and found myself reminiscing on the fears I had to overcome to get to it. Today, I will be listing some of these fears  and telling why I have no regrets in moving past them.

  1. I feared losing my best friend: I eventually lost my best friend despite all I did to prevent it but you know what? I survived! While in the process of learning to come back from the abyss of emotional despair, I picked up a few lessons. Not everyone who comes into your life is meant to stay, some are just to teach you lessons and go. That was the role of my best friend. I also learned who were the persons in my life I could lean on for support.

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I am a Jamaican but…

I have many friends across the world and I always look forward to meeting new ones. One of the things that really bugs me is that when I tell foreigners that I’m Jamaican, they immediately stereotype me. The sad but funny thing about this is that the stereotype couldn’t be further from the truth. Stereotyping me or any other Jamaican for that matter is like saying that a girl is fat because she eats a lot. After all, we have skinny people who eats way too much but never seem to put on an ounce.


So here goes, I’m Jamaican but…

  1. I can’t dance to save my life: There ain’t no shame in this game. I lack co-ordination when it comes to dancing. Growing up, my younger sister was the dancer while I was the “bookworm”. The few times I have had to perform, I either got my family rolling with laughter or the wall and I got in tune as I rocked to the beat of the music. I don’t go beyond rocking! So when someone ask me to dance because of my “Jamaican-ness”, I do nothing but laugh because my Jamaican-ness did not ensure my dancing capabilities.

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A Letter to My 10 Year Old Self


Hi Chan, knowing you the way I do, you are no doubting trying to figure how it was possible for this letter to get to you. Stop focusing on that, focus on the words of wisdom I’m about to impart to you after 22 years on earth.

At this point, I know you are still hurting over Daddy’s death but don’t worry, everything is going to be okay. One day you will wake up and be able to remember the good times you had with him without tearing up.

Sweetheart, you won’t be good at everything it’s okay. Failing is not the end of the world. You are still a poor dancer (although you now have a lot more rhythm) and you still suck at music but be okay with it. Work on your strengths and ensure you are happy with whatever you choose to do.

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Talking to Yourself…

Talking to yourself is a lovely habit to cultivate although people may think you are weird or insane… The key to this thing so I’m not labelled the ‘C’ word, *whispers* CRAZY, is that I don’t reply to myself :). Sometimes you just need a listening ear and in listing the issue into the air, you find yourself reasoning out the issue… and perhaps even getting a solution.

I’ve reasoned out many issues that bother me or that I’m trying to solve by talking to myself. Sometimes when I’m in the office coding and I reach a stage where I just can’t seem to figure out the mechanics of a certain function, I start talking to myself. At first when I did it in the office, my coworkers would stop to look at me or ask if I’m talking to them. After a while, they just ignored me or made some laughing comment and continued with what they were doing. I’ve found that after (or in the midst of) talking it out with myself, a light bulb will sometimes go off in my head and I’m able to approach the problem differently or attempt a feasible solution.

You have to admit guys, sometimes you do give yourself good advice lol (even if you say nothing)…. Do you have this quirk? Tell me about how people respond to you when it happens.


Trees and I

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well here are 4. I do seem to have a thing for Jamaican beaches and trees. 🙂
“Where there is a tree, there is a way – to climb.” – Chañel’s new motto lol.


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The Wisdom in the Jamaican Proverbs

Growing up, I always heard my grandmother or mother citing one proverb or another when faced with various situations. As a child they didn’t make much sense but now, as a young woman, I cannot say that when I look back at them or hear them.

Here are my most favourite 10 Jamaican proverbs given in patois along with their English translation and meaning. Hope you find one you can agree with or us.

  1. Proverb: Evryday buckit a guh a well, one day, di battam mus drop out.
    Translation:  Everyday a bucket is put in a well to get water, overtime the bottom will give way.
    Explanation: Every day one keeps on doing wrong in secret, one day the truth will be revealed.
  1. Proverb: Evry hoe hav dem ‘tick a bush.Translation: Every hoe has its stick somewhere.
    Explanation: No matter how unattractive one might be, there is someone special out there for that person.

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