Bible in 365 Days – Day 187

DAY 187.png

Focus Chapters:

  • Psalms 1-2
  • Psalms 10
  • Psalms 33
  • Psalms 71
  • Psalms 91


Standout Verse(s):

Psalms 71:7 NLT

My life is an example to many, because you have been my strength and protection.


Observation (s):

  1. The psalmist recognized that he was considered an example by many.

    My life is an example to many, because you have been my strength and protection.

  2. Despite his influence, the psalmist did not become overcome with pride. He/she acknowledged that the source of his influence is due to God’s strength and protection.

    My life is an example to many, because you have been my strength and protection.


The world’s perception of things rarely goes beyond the surface. Salt is seen as salty because of its saltiness. Sugar is sweet because of its sweetness. Lemons are sour because of their sourness. Vinegar is bitter because of its bitterness. This surface perception also extends to the characteristics of individuals who are viewed as successes and influencers, persons who others aspire to be like.

The truth is, we rarely stop to consider the source or reason behind these admired attributes and characteristics. If one dared to peer closer, they would come to understand that salt’s saltiness is due to the presence of sodium chloride and sugar’s sweetness is caused by glucose, sucrose and some other chemicals. There is always something more beyond the surface, at the root.

The psalmist acknowledges that he is perceived as an example/influencer by man. However, the source of that perception and his influence is not through his own efforts. As an individual who walks with God, the writer recognizes and acknowledges that he owes it all to God who has been his strength and protection. God is the source of his reputation as an example to others.

As a Christian, how does the world perceive you? What is your sphere of influence? Are you a great singer, preacher or teacher? Do you understand and appreciate that God is the source of your influence, strength and protection? As Christian influencers, acknowledge that God is the reason why you and your life are viewed as an example to others.

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The TEST will end after you PASS.


I found myself thinking about God’s tests for us yesterday. The Lord reminded me that in the same way that trials come to make us stronger, tests come to hone us. The key thing about tests is that once you are given it, you have to pass it in order for you to move on to the next level. The thing that happens to most of us is that as Christians, we all want to get to the next level but few of us want to experience the tests that the Lord use to get us there.

I am writing to tell you tonight, if you want the fruits of the Spirit, you have to pass your test. If you want the spiritual gifts, you have to pass the test. If you want to get more blessings, you have to pass the test. If you want to go to new spiritual heights, you must pass the test. The Lord’s tests are just like SAT or CSEC, there is no if, nor but, nor maybe, you have to pass the test in order to move up. In fact, if you fail, you will continue to resit that exam until you do pass.

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Change your strategy.


In the same way that we have tests to pass, the devil has assigned himself tests. He has tasked himself with seeing how many of us he can get condemned to damnation. Now unlike some of us, he is a very very dedicated pupil. He researches and studies his subjects very well. He endeavors to become an expert on each one of us.

A few years ago, the Lord gave me a resounding message, “CHANGE YOUR STRATEGY!”. A few months ago, He showed me that this could not only be applied to my tests but my temptations/trials as well. He directed me to the Israelites’ exodus to the Promised Land. He showed me that He did not allow them to use the same strategy when faced with different kinds of enemies.

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What Do You Need?

One of my most favorite Bible scriptures (St. Luke 18:35-43) tells the story of the blind man who learnt that Jesus was passing by. His blindness didn’t stop him because this man had a need and whilst he was somewhat hindered, he opened his mouth and cried out to Jesus for mercy. I find this act interesting because I can just imagine how packed the crowd was! After all, the amount of people who followed Jesus could be compared to the number of fleas and ticks on wild dogs. Can you just imagine the level of noise he would have to make to be heard?!

Yet he was heard by the people who tried to hush him. This only caused him to cry with more vigour. Eventually, he got Jesus’ attention. Before he knew it, he was brought before Jesus! All because of his persistence, he now had an audience with the king! Totally amazing!

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LISTEN…God Speaks


For the past few months, I had felt somewhat frustrated with God. He seemed to be giving everyone but me a word. Sometimes I would be in church and while the preacher preached I would literally be arguing with God, begging for a personal word.

Don’t get me wrong. God speaks to me. Sometimes while reading a verse, a thought drops in my head and I send it by broadcast to quite a number of people who would be blessed. Sometimes in the middle of an experience or my day, a word, song or lesson drops in my spirit and I blog about it or I send another broadcast, all with the same results. But with all of these words, none felt personal. In short, overlooking the fact that He is there for me, I felt like God had neglected me.

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The Strategy of the Devil


As a Christian, I’ve come to realize that being tempted is like dating. Yes, I said that! In fact let me repeat “being tempted as a Christian is like dating”. Now let me explain what I mean.

Let’s look at the dating analogy. Have you ever noticed that a man’s approach varies based on the type of female he perceives he is dealing with? If he believes you are a sketel, he will make a derogatory remark. If he thinks you are a lady, he may even develop an accent. This is because he realizes that the presentation of his package will determine if he gets the reward of your attention. When that man catches your attention, he starts out small. He may ask for your phone number or even a date. The more you agree to, the more the stakes raise until you find yourself sleeping with him or married.

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I’m Not Interested in Christianity

Many people may find my title strange based on the fact that I am a Christian, or even offensive but I’ve never been more serious in my life. Many of us, as Christians get too caught up in the idea of belonging to Christianity or in my case, just being Apostolic! We are obsessed with outwardly following the rules of our churches. Not wearing the pants. Keeping our hair natural. No make-up. No jewelry. We have the rules locked! We have the outward appearance locked!

But inside? Man inside! We (I use the “we” rather loosely) are worse than a den of thieves (there is indeed honor among thieves). We are full of lawlessness and hypocrisy! We spend too much time judging and little time demonstrating the love of God!

And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise. – St Luke 6:31

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