Great Things Never Grow There


My backyard had a huge mango tree that shaded more than a quarter of our backyard land space. Recently, we were forced to cut down the mango tree after discovering that it served as a home for termites. Following that big chop I complained about the misfortune (aka as missed opportunities for mango juice) until I noticed the following changes:

  1. The entire yard looked brighter. The sun now had direct unlimited access to my entire backyard.
  2. My brother begun planting flowers and foliage in the area. They bloomed.
  3. Grass continuously sprung up in the areas that used to be shaded by the mango tree.
  4. Our laundry dried quicker.
  5. There were other blooming fruit trees that were previously overshadowed by the mango tree.

The transformation of my backyard got me thinking. My beloved mango tree was the comfort zone of my backyard! Our beloved mango tree shaded the backyard so long that the land, in conjunction with the sun, never had the opportunity to fulfill its potential and nurture and grow plants. We also didn’t understand the potential that existed in getting laundry dried faster and planting new flowers and foliage. Catch this, we were so focused on the vastness of the mango tree that we totally missed the fruit trees that were also blooming.

Similarly, our comfort zones shade us from the things we need to grow, overshadow other opportunities and limit our potential. Through this we often miss opportunities to fulfill our potential and make life easier. Are you willing to grow more? Are you ready to step into your potential? Step out of the shade of your comfort zone. Great things never grow there.

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It is time to leave your comfort zone


A year ago, I reached a place where I felt like I wasn’t growing. I felt like I wasn’t going anywhere. I felt stagnant. I had dreams and visions in mind but I saw no fit manner to achieve them. I was doing so much but I felt as though what I was reaching for was always just outside my reach and no matter how far I stretched, my aim always eluded me. I had grown stagnant in my professional, personal and spiritual life and this stagnancy sucked me in almost as though I was standing in quicksand.

It is strange but have you ever noticed that when you have worn out a plot of land, you have to leave it for another plot and give it time to recuperate? It is the same with life. Sometimes we have to leave our comfort zone, what is familiar to us, and move afar from the shore. I was just reading of how the disciples of Jesus left their comfort to pursue a ministry that was hard and it is for this that they are remembered, for this that they gained the greatest prize of all, salvation.

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