Bible in 365 Days – Day 193

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Focus Chapters:

  • Psalms 119


Standout Verse(s):

Psalms 119:105 NLT

Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path.


Observation (s):

  1. God’s word is a necessary guiding lamp to our feet.

    Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path.

  2. God’s word is a necessary light on our path.

    Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path.



A few months ago, we took a trip to the mountains. Our hike begun at midnight and the entire place was pitch black. Without the light from our lanterns, torches and phones, we could barely see ahead of us. This included the unknown of seeing where to put one foot in front of each other. Using our lights, though minimal, we were able to keep to the path that eventual lead to a beautiful destination.

A venture into each day is a representation of that venture into the unknown darkness. Without God’s word to guide our feet and light our path, we are bound to miss the path to our destinies. Keep your lantern close. Use the light to guide your path. Keep God’s words secure in your heart. Use it to guide you on your journey to your purpose.

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May the Peace of God go with you!



Zoomers Moments

A few nights ago, unable to sleep, I found my thoughts wandering. These wanderings took me down memory lane….

I was in my first year of high school when we were given a group assignment to present on various themes in the book, Silver Sword. As a natural leader who hates inactivity, I ended up planning a production. We were going to do a talk show with the book characters. After all the planning, I realised, much to my dismay, that I had planned out myself! I had totally forgotten to give myself a part!

Now note, if you did not present, you did not get a grade. I returned to the drawing board. We couldn’t change the production at that late stage but there must be some element that I had missed. During lunch (whilst eating one of my favorite cheesy snacks), an hour before the presentation, an idea took root. In the middle of the presentation, we had an intermission and I delivered one of the best impromptu Zoomers ads ever seen by man! 😂😂😂 (or so I like to believe…)

We got the highest grade for that assignment!

This memory reminded me of a couple lessons, I had learnt early in life.

  1. In moments of crisis or pressure, your levels of ingenuity will surprise you.
  2. In life there will always be Zoomers opportunities, you just have to be willing to open yourself to the possibilities.
  3. When faced with challenges, embrace your “I CAN” and “There must be a way.” attitude.
  4. Your belief in yourself and capabilities will take you a far way.
  5. Never plan out myself.
  6. Self-doubt gets you nowhere!

    What are your thoughts? Have you ever experienced a situation which required you think on your feet? How did it turn out? Let me know in the comments below.