Bible in 365 Days – Day 151

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Focus Chapters:

  • Proverbs 14-16


Standout Verse(s):

Proverbs 14:3 NLT

Without oxen a stable stays clean,
but you need a strong ox for a large harvest.


Observation (s):

  1. Without the oxen (big messy situations), your life or stable stays clean.

    Without oxen a stable stays clean,
    but you need a strong ox for a large harvest.

  2. The messy situations prepare you or open a door to a large harvest.

    Without oxen a stable stays clean,
    but you need a strong ox for a large harvest.



Have you ever had a season where something came and messed up your orderly life but that experience left you with a big blessing? I’m sure all the moms can relate. They will moan about the lack of sleep and the behaviours of their young ones but would not trade a single moment with their youngsters. Not even the moments when their youngsters have vomited all over their favourite shirt!

Without the bad seasons, your life would have remained orderly but you would not have been prepared for your harvest. Without that bad boyfriend, friend or family member, your heart would not have been troubled. Without that horrible coworker or boss, your work environment would not have been in turmoil. But don’t you realize by now that sometimes the hard seasons are clearing your way to a hard-won blessing. That bad boyfriend showed you what you don’t need and prepared you to meet and accept the love of your life. That bad friend or family member taught you to appreciate and keep close the few non-toxic people you have in your life. That bad boss or coworker either pushed you to be better at what you do or forced you to leave you comfort zone to the dream job that was meant for you. Your hard situations even pushed you closer to God!

Don’t moan about the oxen in your stable. Trust God! He is preparing you and giving you what you need for your big harvest.

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Lessons from the Little Robe

So lately, my youngest sister and I have been spending a lot of time together. During our teenaged years, we weren’t close but I’ve come to really appreciate our growing closeness. As I get older, I realize that family truly means a lot.

Enough with the sappy-ness. Here are a few lessons I’ve picked up from the younger “Robe”, my bighead-in-crime.

Lesson #1:

Don’t take yourself too seriously. Wind down. Be silly! Be sillier! If you feel like singing at the top of your lungs to some of your favorite lyrics, do it! Let down your hair and just embrace your silly inner child. Don’t hold back because the crowd is watching. They are all awaiting a similar permission to be free. As we Jamaicans would say “be fool fool and nuh watch nuh face.”

Lesson #2:

Be unapologetically you. Sometimes I spend a lot of time time trying to fit into the image that people have of me. To my mother, I’m the responsible daughter who factors her family’s needs into all decisions. To my coworkers, I’m the one who always delivers, sometimes at the expense of myself. To my friends, I’m the one with the advice who seems to always have it together.

Honestly, being all that all the time is exhausting. One of the things I’ve come to recognize is that despite putting your all to meet others expectations, you will still end up not meeting all. On top of that, people will forget all the great stuff you have accomplished, the moment they think you slipped up.

The best strategy then is to live for you. Be you! Live for your expectations! Anything else is just pure madness.

Lesson #3:

Use the brakes. This one will always be a joke between us. My first driving lesson, I took a corner and panicked when I realized there was a car on the curb that I couldn’t bypass quickly enough. My sister kept yelling “Brake! Brake!” as the car connected with the one on the curb. Over time, I’ve come to utilize the warning “brake” in my daily life.

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First Crushes and Loves

Today, at lunch, a conversation about giving the bird and the bees talk turned into our outrageous actions done in the name of primary school crushes. I found myself fondly remembering my first crush.

I was a nine-year old who had just moved to a new area. Moving meant leaving all my friends behind and starting a new school after sitting out almost half the school year at grade two. I remember feeling really awkward and missing my friends terribly on my first day as a grade three student in a new school.

It was around the time when I was getting really familiar with the school that I noticed M. There shouldn’t have been anything special about him. He was just an ordinary boy from a different class. An ordinary boy who did one thing. He made my heart pound just a bit faster. Out of principle, I took to avoiding him because frankly I didn’t like anything that I couldn’t understand. I certainly didn’t understand my reaction to him!

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Not everyone is doing IT…


As I was getting ready for work this morning, the Bible story about Elisha complaining to God about him being the only one in Israel who haven’t bowed to Baal came to me. What resounded in my head was God’s reply.

Yet I have left me seven thousand in Israel, all the knees which have not bowed unto Baal, and every mouth which hath not kissed him.
1 Kings 19:18

We live in a world where sometimes it seems like everyone is doing IT and we are the only ones not doing IT. This I admit can be pretty lonesome especially when we begin to feel pressured to do IT. What is the IT you ask? The IT is all the things you know you shouldn’t be doing for various reasons whether they are societal or personal reasons.

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Get Up Again


So I’ve been playing Farm Heroes Saga (farm version of Candy Crush) for a few months now. A month ago I reached a level where I had to get three stars in order to get three new animals. The first couple of times I played the level I couldn’t even complete it! Frankly, I was annoyed because I had friends who had passed the level quite easily but I kept failing. Finally, after about 20 tries over a two week period I managed to finish the level with one star.

Many people would have given up. At one point I felt disgusted enough and decided to stop playing. A few days later, I resolved to not be a quitter and attempted the level again. On the fifth try, I completed it with two stars. At this point, I was practically jumping for joy.

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The Strategy of the Devil


As a Christian, I’ve come to realize that being tempted is like dating. Yes, I said that! In fact let me repeat “being tempted as a Christian is like dating”. Now let me explain what I mean.

Let’s look at the dating analogy. Have you ever noticed that a man’s approach varies based on the type of female he perceives he is dealing with? If he believes you are a sketel, he will make a derogatory remark. If he thinks you are a lady, he may even develop an accent. This is because he realizes that the presentation of his package will determine if he gets the reward of your attention. When that man catches your attention, he starts out small. He may ask for your phone number or even a date. The more you agree to, the more the stakes raise until you find yourself sleeping with him or married.

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The Wisdom in the Jamaican Proverbs

Growing up, I always heard my grandmother or mother citing one proverb or another when faced with various situations. As a child they didn’t make much sense but now, as a young woman, I cannot say that when I look back at them or hear them.

Here are my most favourite 10 Jamaican proverbs given in patois along with their English translation and meaning. Hope you find one you can agree with or us.

  1. Proverb: Evryday buckit a guh a well, one day, di battam mus drop out.
    Translation:  Everyday a bucket is put in a well to get water, overtime the bottom will give way.
    Explanation: Every day one keeps on doing wrong in secret, one day the truth will be revealed.
  1. Proverb: Evry hoe hav dem ‘tick a bush.Translation: Every hoe has its stick somewhere.
    Explanation: No matter how unattractive one might be, there is someone special out there for that person.

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