Birthday Countdown – Reflections (Part 2)


There was a time in my life when a huge portion of my self-validation was influenced by people-validation. I sought the approval of others to feel good about what I had accomplished and who I was. I allowed others to determine my worth while I unconsciously undermined my accomplishments and value.

One day, I sat down and made a list. In that list I documented all the projects and responsibilities that I had undertaken throughout my career. The results shocked me! Over the 6 years of my career, I had undertaken over 30 projects, most of which I led and a couple of which were my brainchild. That list also emphasized that I always demonstrated a willingness to undertake and execute roles and projects that were outside the realm of my responsibilities. Through that attitude, I gained a lot of experiences in areas that persons would deem me too young to have in the professional world. The problem is, many, including myself, still undervalued or underestimated me.

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I Caught Me Some Standards… :)

The year is almost at an end. With only two weeks to go I decided to do a personal SWOT analysis to see how far I’ve come emotionally. I started 2015 on an emotional low and on many occasions I thought I wouldn’t make it but thanks be to God I did.

Now, that is not what I wish to ramble about tonight. After reading Steve Harvey’s Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man earlier in the year, I wanted to see how much of his advice I’d actually practised. In treating others how to treat me, I am happy to report that I GOT ME SOME STANDARDS…

It all comes down to your confidence level, body language and the way you carry yourself. Persons’ attitude and behaviour towards me have changed because of my change in these three areas. I’ve realized that it’s innate in every male but some just need to reminded that it’s his duty to PROTECT when he is escorting a lady. It is not within me to demand it, but I use my body language to show that I expect it. You will be surprised at how quickly men will rise to the occasion!

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